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    READER BILL RABINOVITCH RAISES A VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE IN RESPONSE TO GABRIELA GALATI’S ARTICLE ON THE AESTHETICS OF THE NEW iOS7 and its phenomenological consequences. Bill connects minimalism to the new not mimetic and iconic design of the new iOS7 as more of the same. He says:
    ‘Raises the question of how Apple’s iOS7 serving as virtual doorways or windows has evolved as pre-framing devices in influencing the feeling of how art is experienced & perceived in the mind — which for me leads to the question of the evolution of new OS’s for perceptually enhancing the power of art seen on these devices & even new concepts of art making related to them. ( I met & uniquely videoed Steve Jobs a few times never shown ).

    I believe one of the videos I did of Steve Jobs touches on a better answer — of what should be conveyed in making things more appealing in deeper ways as experienced, not more minimal & less engaged with real meaning. Jonathan Ive’s design philosophy “Minimalism” of iOS7 has for a long while become boring in the NYC art world I’m part of by artists & collectors alike — not considered relevant to newer ways of exploring art. After all what do artists know?’