‘I just “liked” your comment, honestly. But just the very fact that WordPress urges me, an Ordinary Soul from some far flung place somewhere in the world, to share my reaction via the interwebs to everyone on the interwebs by “liking” something publicly–in this case, “liking” Columnist Vsocolsky”s reaction to Fashion Photographer Tim Blank’s reaction to the crowds of other photographer’s reactions to the world of fashion, well, my reaction to this is to realize that finding meaning in our contemporary existence requires a lot of narcissism built up on top of each other. To paraphrase Tim Blank, it’s all endlessly amusing, but it’s a world where everything’s on display all the time.

And, just for the public record, so everyone knows, at this very moment, I am almost finished with my rice and chicken, and rest assured I won’t be doing too many dishes because I am using a paper plate. But as soon as I finish and post this comment, I will assuage my narcissistic paper plate guilt by taking a completely full recycle bin out to my curb for pick up tomorrow. Despite my paper plate use, I am a good person, can’t you see that?’