A new petition has emerged on campaigning for Kanye West to curate the next Venice Biennale.

Although it is questionable how prepared West is for the flashing lights of the art world, many believe that he could make the international art festival much stronger with such innovations as “free entrance for those wearing leather tracksuit bottoms, an Instagram sponsored prize for best national pavilion, and a special fleet of Maybach vaporettos.”

The petition was started by “BiennalYe,” who writes: “With contemporary art lingering confused in a mannerist phase, we believe West is the best person to show us the way forward and to explain, agitate, and situate artistic production in its current cultural and global setting.”

Indeed, West is no gold digger when it comes to art. He studied both painting and English Literature at university and, although currently living a very good life, he has always displayed an affinity for art stretching far beyond any financial investment.

Digital-based artist collective Lucky PDF also agree that West is more than able to run this town of Venice. Although they exhibited in the Internet Pavillion of the 2011 Biennale, they now have other ambitions, stating: “he’s our only hope for showing in the Arsenale.” This is perhaps due to what BiennalYe describes as West’s innate understanding of “the conflicts and confluences of culture and entertainment, art’s close ties with fashion and commerce, and the mechanisms for making artistic production public than most others in the business.”

With the campaign going strong at 68 signatures at the time of writing, the art world will eagerly watch the throne of Venice curator.