The desperation that social parvenu Anita Zabludowicz has shown in the past years is only matched by the blur of her husbands financial activities. The Zabludowiczes’ behaviour is also contradictory in the fact that Anita makes the biggest fuss with every single purchase which is always of emerging artists that are having some kind of presence in the art market. Somehow she manages to have a very quick ROI in publicity which she secures by sending press releases to blogger and media. Of course this taste for exhibitionism does not coincide his husband’s secrecy when laundering money through off artificially created companies as it was informed in The Guardian earlier this week.

According to the very banal Blouin Report ‘…the word on the street in London this week is that next year the Zabludowicz Collection will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a solo exhibition by Ryan Trecartin at its London space. Zabludowicz has purchased Trecartin’s immersive installation, as yet untitled, currently on show at the Venice Biennale as part of Massimiliano Gionis acclaimed exhibition “The Encyclopedic Palace.”

According to Blouin Report ‘The installation is one of the more memorable works at the Biennale, consisting of five individual pavilions featuring films that reference reality television accompanied by a jarring soundtrack. The artist’s works explore queer culture, initiation rituals of American teenagers, drug-taking, and house parties’. One of the most memorable works? Are they crazy? Just a thought.