A year ago, one of my PhD tutors (Rose Marie San Juan) sent me an email by mistake where she laughed at my depression with my other tutor (Joanna Woodall). This happened after I broke into tears in front of them and they suggested me not to tell the Courtauld that I suffered from depression. 

Since then I have been trying that the Courtauld Institute give me in the context of the Data Protection Act that protects my personal information by law to get the conversations previous to Rose Marie San Juan’s ‘faux pas’. After 14 months, I finally got that conversation. You can see it FULLY CENSORED by the Courtauld who persists not allowing me to see the information that belongs to me by law. I am working with my new tutors but I cannot proceed with my formal complaint because the Institute persists on breaking the law. Have a look at the way the Courtauld (and Mrs.Saad Anjud and Deborah Swallow) treat their student’s information….
I, immediately sent an email to the Director of the Courtauld, Deborah Swallow who very coldly dismissed my email and sent me to talk to my ‘personal tutor/chaplain’ Mignon Nixon. I had a meeting with her and the Registrar where I asked a formal academic assessment to know where I was standing because I could not trust my tutor’s criteria. Four months later Mignon Nixon refused to send the formal assessment I had asked and accused me of lying and bullying my tutors. The world was upside down and a modern day witch-hunt had begun. At the same time, the Courtauld’s lawyer, Saad Anjun, invited me to a meeting to discuss my misconduct. That was based in an email where I answer Joanna Woodall’s desperate attempts to medicalise me. As a result of so much injustice I ended up checking into the Capio Nightingale Mental Health Clinic to be treated for depression. 
After my hospitalisation, I asked the Director Swallow many times to receive me in order to discuss this case. She refused and never asked me about my health condition. My personal tutor dissappeared and my Phd tutors resigned without explanation leaving me waiting for one year at home not knowing what to do. 
My issues with the Courtauld are difficult to understand if not analysed afresh from different angles but this is, I believe, the most positive angle and the one that can actually make a change for future generations of graduate students dealing with mental health issues. It is divided in two parts: the first one is shows the documentary evidence of how my tutors, firstly, tried to prevent me from telling the Courtauld (as an institution) about my condition; secondly, laughed at it; thirdly, (and now I am referring about the institution as a whole) did not offer me the help, blank me and ended up punishing me both for being depressed and then forced me to act in that condition. Of course, once I did, they tried to also punish me for that. 
This shows a whole series of issues. Two of them interest me the most. Firstly, what are the mechanisms to assess the psychological fitness of tutors due to the fact that in my particular case there is the possibility that, at least, one of them is possibly not psychologically fit for the role. We all know that if a depressive personality (with lack of self-worth) is put under the responsibility of a sadistic character, the consequences can be lethal. If we bear in mind that Joanna Woodall and Rose Marie San Juan knew that I had just separated, my mom was ill, I was alone in a foreign country and I had health issues, I wonder what they expected to happen me while discouraging me from telling the institution about my depression and, consequently, finding help. At least one of the possibilities is that I might have gone back to my room, lock the door and hang myself. At a point I thought about that. I did not…. 
I decided to publish all facts for publicity and freedom of speech were my only refuge in front of such lack of human awareness.  The Courtauld’s methodology is clear: first ignoring the issue, then demonising the student for daring to speak up and finally, witch hunt. Up to today, there is not formal investigation about my formal complaint. Inspite of that and in spite of my depression and hospitalisation, the Courtauld was very fast in investigating me.  The investigation was launched December 24th …. Xmas eve. Very cruel.