‘This discussion is an interesting one. I would like to add light to the cultural aspect here: I think, perceiving the coextensivness of ideas is a creative response to dealing with cultural diversity. It does not necessarily mean vagueness. And it does not imply that meaning is lost. I think that what is happening is that the self evidence is lost: we have to channel awareness in different ways..Definitions are hard to clarify in a culturally diverse society. There has to be space for ambiguity. An open precision. Certainly it can be confusing. Exactly because it is confusing the common factor becomes significant in dealing with the lack of the obvious. Recognising the common denominator, that which repeatedly happens amongst all groups is a matter of perspective. For example, if you take a doctors room full of women with their babies, from all over the world: they will bond over the common aspect that all babies eat, sleep and fill their pants: and within this framework caring for them is common practice: the individual differences of approach are then better tolerated.. A failure to see the shared factor, that which repeats in all cultures, furthers closed and categorical thinking, becoming a breeding ground for conflict. New ways of identifying meaning are becoming necessary. Social media offers all sorts of bonding pods, like this one, but what will further understanding as a whole, will be to recognize the repeated characteristics amongst all these ventils and try to understand their common meaning. To do this one must have an awareness of the coextensiveness of ideas. Just a thought and maybe sounding quite vague!’