Dear Caroline Arscott…

Thanks so much for your email. As much as I would like to proceed with the bureaucratic steps to get some kind of satisfaction one year after I firstly put at the Director of the Courtauld Institute of Art, Prof Deborah Swallow, very important information regarding the unprofessional way that faculty members were behaving in front of a student suffering from depression and who, apart from that, was being treated unfairly, from an Academic perspective, it truly seem a dead end. You can find all the information about the specific emails that are irrefutable proof of the aforementioned in the following articles that I was forced to publish after being blatantly ignored and eventually hospitalised at the Capio Nightingale Clinic.  They are in links at the end of this letter.

Punishing the Suffering
In that occasion, Professor Swallow advised me to meet my ‘personal tutor’ Mignon Nixon (who took the opportunity to delay my complaint for four months after which she made the surprising decision to insult me instead of investigating further or, at least, facilitate me the forms that you are sending to me now). After that, she literally vanished and left Mr.Morgan, the Registrar, in charge of answering and providing proof to her many insults and lies which stained my name, honor and that of my family. At the same time, Gareth Morgan (who tried to confuse me with different reports) and Anjud Saad (who consistently bullied me during a year and exhausted me until I ended up in a clinic being treated for depression) acted coordinatedly in order to exhaust me and provoke all possible delays. In May 2012, I asked Gareth Morgan the forms that you are sending me now but he did not answer creating further diversions and delay, I guess, with the objective of make me drop out and leave the Courtauld with my head down. Unfortunately for them, I decided to stay and make my point about the incredible lack of provisions and suited academic staff to deal with a person with a mental health problem or a disability.
Punishing the Victim
Adding insult to injury, they decided to investigate my ‘misconduct’ (!!!!!!)  based on an email where I answer Joanna Woodall’s many unprofessional attempts first through sheer and blatant conspiracy (in her communications with the Research Degrees Committee) and later medicalising me instead of helping me. Mignon Nixon, who was my ‘personal tutor’ should resign after her performance in front of a student that had to be hospitalised because of her lack of humanity and professionalism. The fact that all the people aforementioned were informed personally and in writing by me that I suffered from depression makes this case much more worrying and demands from the director of the Courtauld a very clear answer not just to me but to the tax payers and the educational community in toto. The Courtauld Institute seems to ignore and then to punish depression instead of treating it as a disability.
Director, Lies & Delays
In September 2012, the Director Deborah Swallow did not tell the truth when informing me in writing that she had started an investigation. This was after I informed her that I had been hospitalised for being bullied by your colleagues during a whole year. Your email last week catches me by surprise because the Courtauld showed extreme haste and caused unnecessary stress to a student recovering from depression by moving forward with an unfair and unfounded investigation for misconduct against me which started December 21st, 2012. This breach of religious decorum and humanity must be added to the fact that I was never contacted to find out whether my health was ok or if I had anything to eat or maintain myself away from my home bearing in mind I was forced to spend my per diem and scholarship waiting  for someone to contact me to honor the contractual obligation that binds us.
Merry Xmas, Dear Depressed Student 
Now, six months after the Director’s announcement, your email shows the Courtauld total lack of leadership and the fact that it has lost touch with reality. I am saying this because the investigation of Woodall and San Juan’s unprofessional behaviour both gossiping about a student’s life and inaction in front of a disability such as depression (which I had been consistently informing the Courtauld shockingly against my tutors’ advice who advised me on February 15th probably to commit suicide in solitude not to harm my academic future!!!!)  HAS NOT YET STARTED and that you are now in charge of finally set the ball rolling. Let me put this more clearly for you (and my readers since I am publishing this in my blog because the conditions for justice are clearly not granted at the Courtauld): you email confirms that the Courtauld hurried up to accuse me and it has done so BEFORE even sending me the forms for me to be able to complain about something that I have been complaining in countless emails to many of your colleagues. I am sorry but this problem is a problem of leadership and Deborah Swallow must personally answer and make the staff changes needed and also modify the regulations that could be fatal in the wrong hands (as it is the case). It has been my decision to make future generations of students with mental health issues if not better, at least, safer.
Unethical Arbitration: Is Justice Possible At All At The Courtauld?  
There is something that gives me additional cause for concern and I must ask you before carrying on with any communication of this sort.  In an email sent by Rose Marie San Juan to Joanna Woodall , on December 8th2009 which subject is: ‘FW: Velazquez text’, San Juan  said: ‘Sending this to you so we are on the same page with Mr.R.. Also talked to Caroline, to break the news, and we agreed that we (the three of us) need to have an evening together, see a film, etc. This she claims is our tradition around the end of the term. I thought our tradition was to go to a film together during the film festival, but maybe we have two traditions! So sometime in December. Hope you are having a good Sunday. Lots of love. RM’.
I think a legitimate question at this point is whether you are the Caroline that she refers to due to the fact that she uses the academic servers and refers to ‘the end of term’. If that is the case, you will understand that this create a serious conflict of interest when justice is what should be provided and you should not be sending me this email.
I Need To Know More About Velazquez and About YOU 
As a result of this I will ask the Institute in the context of the Freedom of Information Act all your communications with Rose Marie San Juan for they are relevant for guaranteeing the impartiality needed to carry on with the process that you advice you and I to embark on and/or to excuse yourself from it on ethical grounds. I copy this email to the HR person and the Director and I take the opportunity to ask all emails, texts and notes involving my name among and between any of the following Courtauld staff: Saad Anjud, Joanna Woodall, Katie Scott, David Solkin, Rose Marie San Juan, Gareth Morgan, Sheilla McTighe, Mignon Nixon, you (Caroline Arscott) and any other email that contains or includes my name from May 1st,2012 to January 20th, 2013. This should include informal notes from informal and formal meetings regarding my situation both academic and medical. For example, Sheila McTighe in one of the emails refers to a meeting about ‘my case’, please send me the minutes and notes of that meeting. All this in the context of the Freedom of Information Act from April 2012 till today (end of January 2013). By law you have twenty days to provide this information. This should be provided in hard copy to the address below.
In the meantime, you can find the information you need for the forms that need to be filled if you consider it necessary to do so by going to my blog and clicking on:
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Rodrigo Cañete
PhD Candidate
Early Modern Department
Courtauld Institute of Art