Our Reader Chloeh reacts to my article on Ana Mendieta’s exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in the following way:

‘Great to have you back Rodrigo. I missed you.

I think I get your point, but… Myself not having heard Mendieta talk, or read anything she said, or care about what might be Latino or not, or feminist or not… I think her imprints in the earth are great. They say a hell of a lot. They don’t need any explaining at all. She probably felt she had to explain to the male dominated, academic art world. Men, as Avila points out, fear the heart, the sensual, and go for the logical, the calculated and cold.

How to explain the unexplainable… with art. Well actually art doesn’t usually explain, it doesn’t bring answers… it opens questions, it points out… in a way it explains our hearts. The unexplainable.’

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