Dear Liz Bromley,

As you are well aware, I suffer from depression and I have been under treatment for the past two years. This was triggered by Rose Marie San Juan, Joanna Woodall and the Courtauld’s shocking mistreatment which has been consistent and deliberate. (If you still want to know what happened go to ) My therapist suggested that in order to recover I should not have any contact with the institution mostly after my new tutors’ behaviour.


Even though I got a standing ovation from them (Katy Scott and the Deputy Director) at the Courtauld PhD Symposium, they seemed to find it necessary to say in writing that they were not optimistic about my capacity to reach the targets. This after reaching each one of them and, I am saying this again, getting from the a standing ovation. Were they exhausting me? Were they playing with my mental health, my money and my expectations? At this point, it is very difficult to say.

You contacted me almost a year ago because you were appointed to start a formal complaint. I told you that all the information is in my blog where I systematically added dates, facts and all the people involved. You insisted however in making me either accept the biased account of Caroline Arscott (who is a personal friend of both San Juan and Woodall) or write my own version once again. For me writing that paper entails experiencing something which is very painful. This must sound  strange for you but if you ask any depressed person, it is not. I have to protect my health because I do not trust the Courtauld’s good will for they have systematically undermined it and it is up to you whether you want to investigate what happened or whether you want to protect your corporation.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this letter because four years of my life and lots of money were stolen from me from an institution that did not even had the dignity to say sorry about an incontestable fact. You had them in front of you for one year but still, you are asking me to go against my own health. I am not going to do that.


As I said many times before, your system is not fit for students with mental health problems. The University of London must seriously think about this because what happened to me is just not right and the result is that two years from the events, Joanna Woodall and Rose Marie San Juan are still in contact with students and they are not fit for that. I guess this whole issue reveals the real nature of an institution that has completely lost touch with its main purpose.


Rodrigo Canete