‘The whole branding of the so called ‘conceptual Art’ is a bit like re-inventing the wheel…

Everything that is made, any event, man made environment, spaces, experiences, etc…all contain, are born out of and inspired by ideas and therefore conceptual. A medieval church is as much a conceptual installation, as is a singular porcelain urinal expressing or encapsulating various concepts, may it be a reference about ‘male dominance’, ‘industrialisation’, de-humanisation of working processes, etc…

It is generally the individuals who cannot appreciate objects, experiences, the World around them (lets sum it up as the concept of ‘High Culture’) for just what they are or what it is without a measurable financial value attached to it. If you measure everything over the price tag on monetary value alone you automatically have to buy into the hype culture of what ever the masses or majorities value.

Much of the coveted contemporary Art of the last ten years is currently nothing else then the most successfully ‘brands# of the marketing strategy that is ‘Contemporary Art’. The PR people behind this (the ones that inflate the prices through their pushy advertising and selling tactics- Art Fairs for example) are also the ones inventing a ‘language’ that only they understand (speaking in code) so any one sane enough or not interested in their marketing campaign can’t really challenge them on their grounds (literally the same as what the entire banking sector has been up to- no person with a life understands any of the lingo about ‘bonds’ and markets).

Just like in the financial world or because of the worship of the abstract concept of value called ‘money’ none of it is truely meaningful or important. It only retains its value as long as it is part of the society that maintains and upholds the required definitions of its monetary value.
In the future all of this behaviour will be analysed and interpreted for what it says about our contemporary culture- transient, non permanent, worship of the virtual, celebrity, mediocraty, militant individualism, destruction, commodification of ethics,…etc.

If you are looking for monetary security and good investments- go and buy Gold- not a Damien Hirst- if you want to nurture and invest yourself in Art, real Art, stay away from everything and everyone that is mainstream and discover inspired and inspiring Art around you- which you’ll find doen’t cost a thing and even will be rewarding on many levels’