Degas - Colour - National Gallery

Colour at the National Gallery

The National Gallery kicks off 2014 with Colour which, according to the press release, ‘will take visitors on an insightful journey through the history of our understanding of colour by exploring the materials artists have used to create masterpieces over the centuries. From Renaissance experimentation with pigments to Impressionist play with light and shade, the exhibition will incorporate up-to-date research on colour by the National Gallery’s very own scientific department. Each room will be dedicated to an understanding of a particular colour, including a room exclusively devoted to the study of gold and silver. With works of art on loan from several major national cultural institutions, Colour is set to be both an educational experience for art historians and those who are just a little bit curious as to what went into the magical works of art we label masterpieces today’

Colour runs until 7th September, for further information visit here.

Vikings British Museum

Vikings: Life and Legend, British Museum

The press release says: ‘Undoubtedly one the most important periods in the history of man, the Viking Age brought about major change across Europe between the 8thand 11th centuries. Creating an international network of culture, the Vikings expanded from their Scandinavian homeland across four continents, bringing with them innovations in politics and culture. Visit the British Museum this year and discover how the Vikings made history through warfare, cultural exchange and the transmission of ideas. Included in the exhibition are never-before-seen artifacts and newly discovered archaeological objects, including important Viking pieces that belong to the British Museum collection. This is an educational experience for the whole family’

Vikings: Life and Legend runs until 22nd June, to book tickets in advance visit here.

Duccio Building the Picture National Gallery

Building the Picture: Architecture in Renaissance Painting, National Gallery

The National Gallery announces yet another thematic exhibition (as opposed to monographic) focusing on the history of depictions of architecture in Renaissance painting. From real life historical monuments to purely fictional paintings of biblical sites, architecture played a major role in the shaping of Renaissance art. Representations of architectural structures in Renaissance paintings have given art historians insight into the architecture of one of the most important periods in the history of art.

‘Visitors will learn about the fascinating ways in which Renaissance artists incorporated architectural structures into their paintings in order to frame their compositions, and how descriptions of biblical and mythological architecture were interpreted at the time. Expect to see works by great masters including Duccio and Botticelli’

Building the Picture: Architecture in Renaissance Painting runs until 21stSeptember, for further information visit here.

Digital Revolution Barbican

Digital Revolution, Barbican

The Barbican’s first ever exhibition focusing on the development of art, design, film, music and videogames in the digital age can potentially be the worse show of the season but let’s carry hope that it is not.  According to the curators it will ‘follow creative types as they push the boundaries in their fields using digital media. Creative coding, 3D printing and artificial intelligence, this exhibition will cover all aspects in the development of these technologies and look into possibilities for their uses in the near future. Featured in the exhibition includes new commissions and projects from musician and Google. Mmmm’ The Barbican will have to compensate a very bad 2013, to be honest and with this one, I am not sure. Just a thought.