1. Make Art when you can, not when you must… and surly not in a production line.
2. Exercise the principles of capitalism… with rules.
3. Try to do everything by yourself…if you can.
4. Have a goal, like for example… reaching a goal.
5. Believe that the simple is more difficult to do than the complex… that is why it is simple.
6. Keep away from conservative ideals… and leftist incompetents.
7. Be conscious that conceptualism never had a good definition…so at this point it is still a mystery.
8. Repeat to yourself that most of what happened in the last 40 years is not only a bad dream… it is an incestuous mistake.
9. Be aware that installations go well with kings and emperors… not with museums.
10. Believe that Science has replaced Art in the balance for social equilibrium, so try no to be a sectarian hippie… unless you think that physics is a branch of Art.
11. Physicalism=Conceptualism+Significance… except in Collings’ diaries.
12. Read as much as possible… if you feel that your style of living is not up to your standards…