‘Cyprien Gaillard’s latest show at Barbara Gladstone Gallery is a cruel event… He disregards the necessities of our times by displaying giant bucket shovels with the deliberated intent of bringing up to our minds the essence of change; but in reality what he knowingly does is stopping our thoughts and our possibilities of finding answers to our problems with pure superstition and irrational deep-seated beliefs in the magical effects of repeating brainlessly specific actions or rituals, especially in the likelihood that good luck (money) will result from performing them… In another words, Barbara Gladstone Gallery acts as an eco chamber for the manipulated reverberation of infinite conceptual stupidity…

Cruelty involves deliberately causing pain and suffering. We may think that Nature can’t be cruel because it doesn’t have the ability of distinguishing between right and wrong. It doesn’t have morals, and it doesn’t have a mind on its own. We may see Nature just moving along, transforming itself and reacting to its own changes whenever it can, based on its own laws. On the other hand, Man has a mind. He has morals, and he also has social laws which allow or prohibits certain human actions.


Two questions emerge from the previous assumptions. If Nature cannot distinguish between right and wrong, how come it has laws? Likewise, if Man evolved from Nature, do his morals as well? When we observe individuals that live very much in touch with Nature one of the aspects we may see is that they fear it, and they are very careful not to incite its anger. They react by their experiences, proving that Nature has its own mind, and if Man crosses the line established by Nature’s will, he could get in serious trouble. But how many of those thoughts are real and how many are just superstition and ignorance?

Our mass societies have moved away from Nature thanks to the science of explaining Nature’s laws. Once Man acquired the knowledge to manipulate them, the next step was to use them to his own favor, dominating the world around him. Man desired to place its own limits on Nature, believing that he could withstand the consequences. In reality, every living being does the same process; an animal or a plant will dominate their environment and will reproduce itself until it finds a reason not to. It appears that Cyprien Gaillard hasn’t yet found that reason’