‘Never mind Art… Let’s bring action!!! It seems that Diller Scofidio + Renfro are trying to retrofit the actual façade of the building with an homogeneous and open look incorporating the space left by the Folk museum. They want to produce a feeling of openness and lightness to the building allowing better access from the street while “modernizing” its most prominent architectural feature with, of course, the use of glass… and in doing so, somebody in the presidential MOMA room probably thought that it will be a good idea making use of that open and clear space to show that this artificially created environment is actually occupied by humans doing things like… watching themselves having fun, or watching some artistic performance, or… watching how a person, organism, or group on humanoids respond to a specific set of behavioral conditions…

In another words, the entire thing sounds like a big waste of space with the objective of entertain and amuse people craving for a superfluous emotional expression… Here, the idea of “eternity” is out of the window (literally), since temporality would probably accompany the transitory and the individual for the simple reason that in those spaces there would be little chance to retain the minds of people with art, so they could see things in their eternal aspect and consequently participate in eternity. Instead of that, Glenn Lewis and Co. have decided to turn the viewers into real actors at the service of an architecture whose absent frozen music (Goethe) can’t incite the imagination.’