‘Never mind art… Let’s all be fake activists!!!…Dude African-American “Theater” Thester Gates and his con art installations isn’t only screwing “the collectors” but at the same time he’s screwing all of us due to the likely future implosion of his bullshit. Supported by a group of intellectuals, educators, politicians and art lovers which form the bulk of a salvation army of impotents, Theaster is trying to convince art investors and collectors that his good will con shows are the product of some sort of black approach to poverty and injustice translated into a sadomasochistic wiping of our intelligence “It’s not just addressing issues of art about art, and art about self-identity; it’s a new vocabulary, a new approach. The success of his work is measured by its actual impact on the community.”
Pamper-damper Gates wants to be Robin Hood at the expense of accepting the money from the top 5% of individuals in exchange of rejecting the possibility of criticizing and exposing the causes of why an increasing number of poor Americans are minorities; or why the rich are getting incredible richer and everybody else poorer… The reality is that he couldn’t criticize the egoist attitudes of those individuals with art because he doesn’t know how…The housing situation is a good example. Many would like to think that the unrealistic condition of the past years was created by an excessive influx of new construction, when in reality the main cause was the social inability to produce and maintain jobs which acted as an obstacle to the shortsighted ideology in place. The torrent of unqualified individuals that wanted to buy a house was much greater that the adeptness for the community to keep those people in a productive estate. That resulted in the convulsion of the entire economy, who at the time was dreaming with unlimited financial possibilities.’