‘Is mediocre art good enough to embrace as long as it is shown at the Guggenheim? Are we so stupid that we can’t differentiate the merit of work done by artists under limited social possibilities and great sacrifice, from let’s say… good art? Well… it does seams like if we accept the fact that large groups of individuals in the US, particularly minorities, still face unfair treatment, poverty, and low levels of education… showing those mediocre (and con) artists as valuable trophies in the fight for equality, may signal to the rest of the population a plausible social achievement, keeping minorities contempt, and gaining votes while new generations of individuals hope to survive doing whatever they have to in order to be rewarded… By the way, I don’t think that the little children in the public school around the corner (mostly black children) would appreciate the fact that they have to learn with an empty stomach because prices are given to artists for keeping brains asleep, instead filling empty pantries…’