I keep on being ‘inspired’ by this blog to think and after repeating myself on various points again and again, there is still that void that does not get to the point, so to speak.

To a previous post (in December) I forgot what the initial post was all about, my mind started to go into overdrive and I started drafting a comment to a strand of comments by Rodrigo and Avila.

Ten pages later (!) I got further side tracked into the intricacies of many of my examples for my arguments and got more ideas…

I keep on coming back to the same reason why ‘Art’ has been commercialised, sold out and polarised; it is the method of communication that is at fault.

Communication through media is basically indirect and of low value to share content with our surroundings. By introducing the middle man (any technical/ digital device) in the communication process, the contents get’s merely reduced to information of letters, words, visual and audio signals only.

It doesn’t transmit any of the ‘greyness’, the sound, rhythm, body language, facial expression, tempo, delivery and physical environment to the recipient. The indirect communication is no longer a conversation, an action of sharing (and listening), it doesn’t allow to respond in the flow of the conversation and become a participant in the process of communication.

Avila started to use the model of particles whizzing around, and to stay on the subject of Physics, and as a (quite ideological ) conservator, I would like to apply the ’1. law of Thermodynamics: the Law of conservation of energy’ to try and express what I mean.

This law states that Energy can be neither created or destroyed within a system. So all the energy that is in our system (the universe I suppose) can’t be used up or new or more energy can’t be created. It only gets converted from one form of energy to another. This can be electricity charging your phone, or the energy of the sunlight being converted in the process of photosynthesis to energy required for a plant to grow. Water from the seas, rivers, lakes, puddles rises up to the sky (again through the energy of the sun) forms clouds and returns to earth as rain, carrying with it nutrients (and pollutants) that are deposited wherever it falls. The ground, the soil holding the nutrients as an energy to little organisms, worms, etc…and plants from which birds, small mammals and other creatures get their food (energy).

In all of this no energy is ever lost or created- only transformed and converted. The action of growth, eating, or basically living is a continuous visualisation of energy and mass.

I have had an antiquated education (in comparison to today), basic subjects in school Mathematics, Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Music, Sport, and Art. I also learned where they were coming from, what their origins were and how they evolved over time.

The latter part I think is very relevant for my comment: Literature, sciences and the Arts after Greek mythology come of the Inspiration of the 9 Muses:

Calliope -epic poetry;

Clio -history;

Euterpe -flutes and lyric poetry;

Thalia -comedy and pastoral poetry;

Melpomene -tragedy;

Terpsichore -dance;

Erato -love poetry;

Polyhymnia -sacred poetry;

Urania -astronomy,

the nine daughters of Zeus and the Titan goddess Mnemosyne (Memory).

In medieval Europe the seven liberal Arts were to be considered the communication of knowledge and learning available to train the free man.

‘Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, and Astronomy. Grammar is the science which teaches us to express our ideas in appropriate words, which we may afterward beautify and adorn by means of Rhetoric; while Logic instructs us how to think and reason with propriety, and to make language subordinate to thought. Arithmetic, which is the science of computing by numbers, is absolutely essential, not only to a thorough knowledge of all mathematical science, but also to a proper pursuit of our daily avocations. Geometry, or the application of Arithmetic to sensible quantities, is of all sciences the most important, since by it we are enabled to measure and survey the globe that we inhabit. Its principles extend to other spheres; and, occupied in the contemplation and measurement of the sun, moon, and heavenly bodies, constitute the science of Astronomy; and, lastly, when our minds are filled, and our thoughts enlarged, by the contemplation of all the wonders which these sciences open to our view, Music comes forward, to soften our hearts and cultivate our affections by its soothing influences…’(http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/01760a.htm)

Zeus was the offspring from Kronos and Rheia (his sister), Kronos (who devoured all of his children after they were born) and Rheia (who tricked Kronos by hiding Zeus on Crete and wrapping a stone in cloth to deceive Kronos, thinking it is his son) were the offspring of Uranus (heaven or sky) and Gaia (Earth). These are two of the primordial Gods who came out of Chaos ( the formless or void state preceding the creation of the universe or cosmos in the Greek creation myths,  the initial “gap” created by the original separation of heaven and earth.).

This sounds to me like a narrative of the Big Bang and what happened after, and I prefer these stories as ‘explanations’ to the ones of Particle Physics. Taking out my biased preference of Greek mythology over Particle Physics I do think that it is the ‘language’ in which these are communicated that are decisive to how the ‘energy of knowledge’ is converted.

In much of our modern day communication (the indirect one) we have to first invest a lot of energy into the device (resources of raw materials to make the device, labor cost and energy, transport to outlet, fuel, and the price for acquiring the device) without having communicated anything. We further invest money to charge those things, pay the contracts, and our time to converse with an electronic device. Here we have to already reduce our many levels and skills of communication to a single medium in order to input it as data the thing can process with it’s technology and programs to transmit as information to the receiver. There is a lot of energy input but only a very small energy output.

Direct communication (which I am aware I am doing the opposite here with my monologue) offers an unlimited repertoire in tools, and methods (the seven liberal Arts) to convert energy into actions, not only doing something but passing on the energy to a matter (object or person) on multiple levels (through our five senses: seeing, hearing, smell, touch and taste).

That allows to an open understanding and appreciation as opposed to the right or wrong understanding.

The problem with all this to someone who craves absolute power and control and wealth is that it’ll not only make no money- it also empowers every individual to be free thinking and therefore can’t be manipulated.

So by adapting the somewhat totalitarian language of ‘media’ to converting the energy Art into an abstract energy such as currency (money), it allows numbers to be attached to express and fix a financial value to the idea of ‘energy conversion’ alone, leaving aesthetic-, emotional-, historical- religous-, ethical-, and skill values out of the equation.

This has not only corrupted Art but Corruption is the new Art.

To get back to your post Angela Lyn (apologies for this long discourse), we just have to ignore the hype and trust our human uniqueness of being able to think and communicate the energy for ourselves through Literature, Science and Art.

…Another time, I’ll forward why I assume that there is this ‘media-conspiracy’…