‘…I like to proclaim that Art has, is- and never will be marketable. The Art market is what- whoever the influencer’s are placing their value on- just a concept of expressing the ‘gangs’ (just like the ‘in-kids’ in school that decide if you get bullied or are accepted to their club) taste, fashion, view, etc…

As in previous comments I do see Art (in a classical, traditional and probably to most people conservative way) as something intangible, an energy that manifest’s itself through it’s infinite multi dimensional (and sensory) communications and perceptions (unique to us humans…see previous comments, posts).

I also see Art as something that is frankly above our mere mortals understanding, control, and especially our little silly currency attachments to express ‘value’.
Therefore people can attach what ever value they want (this would always be someone’s subjective value- and therefore you’ll never be able to express a universal value understanding to Art) to objects, installation and or concepts- and might be very good at the PR to convince others to follow and sign up to their valuation (and belief) system which in Western societies is predominantly secular ‘Consumerism/ Capitalism’- but I would argue the moment that happens ‘Art’ by classical definition is immediately absent and not part of any of this. What you are left with can be described and defined as clever PR, marketing, selling, clever design, cool ideas, etc… but not ‘Art’.

What I tried to convey in previous comments on this broad subject, is my view that in contemporary society we have developed a communication tool that is outside the communication of Art (Art as communicating ‘humanity’- modern technology communicating ‘systems’) but is applied to manipulate communication and therefore perception and subsequent learning-understanding of our humanity, or Art.

It’s all a con, like any PR, ad campaign, spin, marketing strategy, etc…, the ‘quality’ is not tangible or real, it is ‘hype’ and purely imagined- and once you parted with your money in exchange for consuming this illusion- it immediately evaporates into nothingness and leaves you (the consumer) wanting for more…

Art is free to everyone. And even better it does not devour infinite amounts of ‘energies’ but it releases these to whoever is free and open to it ( the Greek called it ‘Inspiration’ for example).

Don’t follow what someone has put into words and was able to disseminate to a wider audience just because he/ she had the means to do so (it doesn’t make it right), use your senses and observe, listen, perceive physical reality through touch, smell and taste and trust your instinct, emotions and reaction in what moves and affects you in reality-as opposed to what someone is telling you, you should feel and/ or think.

Therefore my answer to your question (not only facing artists) of what is the purpose of Art today; is: Art does not have a finite purpose- but it is the mechanism of making visible- or making conscious- (perceivable to others through; perception, expression, listening, observation, emphasis, experience, memory, sensory- communication) the ‘energy conversion’ of existing in the complex here and now, that allows for continuous diversity and evolution of ‘matter’ (ie, objects, anything of mass, alive or static).

There is no right or wrong in Art, no good or bad, it is not there to be judged (by attaching a price tag) it is there to allow us to be human.’