Regarding Richard Deacon’s show at Tate and Taboofart’s review, our columnist Avila says: 

‘It results fascinating how societies live in two parallel worlds in order to characterize their singular uniqueness… I’m not recommending cooking eggs and bacon for breakfast while being nude, but how a society defines itself has to do in great manner with its environment, and in particular its history… For example, since the 1500’s, while England direct itself towards a “physical strict discipline of the body” in public and an incredible desire for freedom of the mind together with a thirst for national justice, across the Channel, chauvinist France did the opposite. Even thought that both countries have examples (and in the case of France a revolution) of “breaking the mold,” tendencies have perdured until today…

Richard Deacon’s retrospective could be a good example of that parallelism taken to a personal level… The effort to contain and channel the interior forces that must be control in order to survive while avoiding being punished by life, is at the core of the exhibition. Looking at his very British work, those apparently inexplicable “dark forces” that must be control and repress with curved actions that reveal feelings, are exposed viscerally under obvious restrictions in accordance with tradition, so a French could make love by their side for pure kinkiness; and Argentinian could feel more European to enhance his self-esteem; and a Spanish could digest eliminating one million of his fellow citizens while watching the world cup…’