Art Critic and (wonderful) artist Matthew Collings’ response to my article on Kenny Schachter’s curating Polke and Richter is as follows: 

‘The concept is very clearly put! That Colin Gleadell is a seedy customer, though. He phoned me up a couple of years ago for an interview for an article he said he was writing for the FT about a Biggs & Collings exhibition, and I obliged with a careful explanation as to what the work was about, what it was like to collaborate, how I combined art writing with actually making art, and how our paintings are intended to have something to do both with modernist and pre-modern visuality. Gleadell’s piece, of very short duration, said only that as a writer I complained that art has become ruled by money nowadays, so it is an irony that our show sold out. In any case, I see from the above article that Polke’s paintings have sold for as much as 12m dollars in “private” transactions, and I should say that this figure is also common for Biggs and Collings paintings, but our natural British discretion, as opposed to Kenny Schacter’s vulgarity, causes us to keep this info to ourselves under normal circumstances. It is only the civilised atmosphere of Rodrigo’s blog that encourages me to divulge it now’