Marina Abramovic is lending her body as the basic material of her artwork at Serpentine Galleries, exploring the relationship between artist and audience.

Using performance as her art form, Abramovic will use herself and a few common objects to depict changing events in her exhibition sequence. The involvement of the audience if crucial. As a viewer, you will walk in and leave all baggage and belongings at the door… bags, jackets, electronics, watches and camera. It will be an intimate experience between you, the artists and other go-seers. Since her monumental performance, The Artist in Present, which she displayed at MoMA in 2010, this is the first time she is back in a physical sense to provide her body through art. With her previous exhibition, she had performed every day for three months… so we are sure that her dedication will stay true in this upcoming exhibition as well. The space will be raw, unscripted and improvised.  No one truly knows what to expect accept for that the fact that it will be something great.

Marina Abramovic will appear at the Serpentine Galleries in London from June 11th– August 25.