‘What can you say? I guess ‘sex sells’ and he obviously has plenty of ‘customers’ who value his work. It makes you wonder however, what these customers values are?

That woman and girls feel they have to comply in a twisted arrangement of them being ‘abused’ to the financial benefit of a man, is also making me wonder what feeling, desire or thinking appears to be more rewarding to attempt self deception and suppress all these ringing alarm bells in their mind and their instincts telling them to just get out of here and leave…

Is the lure of some money really the only aspect that achieves this- or have women given in to the chauvinistic valuation of their primary and secondary sexual physiognomy alone by (generally) men? Why would any girl or woman even accept being reduced to a ‘fuck object’?

Is the money making value really the overriding value to which everything else has to blend into the background?

Does that mean that if it makes money it is therefore right and justified in its legitimacy? Is the monetary value really the new measure of our ethics? Have all the nuances of emotional, aesthetic, historical, educational, spiritual, environmental, etc…values really been wrapped up into one monetary value expression as a singular entity that serves them all? And what does that mean to non financial ideals and concepts such as Art? Has the com-modification of Art therefore allowed its prostitution to the highest bidder for consummation?

This guy is basically a sexual predator, and the fact he is revered (and not in prison) because he makes a lot of money leaves serious questions to what we as a society seem to value, it definitely isn’t Art.’