I’m sorry you feel that way… I guess you’re positioned at the end of a rope were formal contemporary exhibitionism is subjected to a classification of “things” based on the decisions and mediations of people with concrete and selfish interests… What I did in the past few months in my gallery-lab to solve the problem of apathy, indolence, laziness, slackness, and stupidity was to open the door to “normal” people with incredible ideas and untameable will at the risk of loosing everything… What I mean is that I accept special things made or put together by artists that in theory should be discarded but for some reasons that I won’t explain now make sense to the viewer when placed in special settings, even if it appears to be that I’m turning into some sort of shopkipper…

Those unknown artists are capable of making incredible things and my job is reduced to placing those objects in special settings so the viewers can observe them and mesmerize themselves… An amethyst lamp; a petrified bear claw; animals made out of toothpicks; a sink; Japanese ceramics; paintings on the walls; ink drawings on tiles; a new fucking shelf made of discarded wood resembling the 50’s atomic era (or 1920’s style); anything that walks trough the door and have a component of contemporary significance, style or labor, would be accepted because that is what people do now a days against all odds…I found the hole experience mind blowing, ant it make people think… What I mean is that it is possible to find good Art in our contemporary world to balance our societies with science if we are willing to open our minds to it, even if some people could consider that lowering the “gallery standards.”’