Behold Madonna being driven away from a morale-boosting visit to the Home of Hope orphanage in Malawi. Because, really, nothing says “you and I are one” like hightailing it to the airport waving your hand sanitiser.

Madonna has been in the country’s capital Lilongwe to break ground on her Krazy Kabbalah Akademy – or the Raising Malawi School for Girls, as the prospectus will have it – as well as to put in some facetime with the nation, as per the conditions of the ruling that permitted her to adopt her second orphan-effect Malawian child earlier this year.

Other developments? After a previous visit to the country, the singer informed the world’s press that “Madonna” meant “distinguished white lady” in Chichewa, though on this occasion Us magazine claims a child informed her, “You are our god.”

We cannot say for sure whether the aforementioned foundlings David and Mercy had to take a plunge in the sheep dip after their own interactions with their countryfolk. But it is a pleasure to see Distinguished White Lady reach for the antibacterial gel so swiftly after taking her leave of the orphans, and we trust she made a germ-free return to Manhattan.