I think Waldemar Januszczak should go…somewhere far away. As for Tate Britain its not looking too bad. I was there yesterday to the see the Alan Davie paintings, and the whole museum was full of wonderful artworks.

I met Januszczak many years ago when I was artists assistant to Michael Craig-Martin who had the next door studio. I was not impressed, and wondered how someone of so little cleverness and imagination could have such a loud voice in the art media.
If you go to Tate Britain tomorrow, you will see an amazing journey through Modern British art with Sickert, Hepworth, Moore et al and ending with Alan Davie. The contemporary shows are not especially strong right now, but usually the Contemporary work at Tate Britain is curated well. Don’t forget they showed Mike Nelson’s ‘Coral Reef’ in 2010, which was a mind blowing stroke of genius’