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‘Interesting… fashion in the museum analysis…. i remember reading/listening something about the infantiliación of art in argentina  … from the psychoanalytical point of view i wonder if this infantilization is a general malaise that correlates with the lost of monolithic ideological differences and the fukuyamista approach to life, i mean, if there is nothing else to fight for, at a collective level, the behaviour of individuals repositions back to an authoritarian and ptolemaic non-contingent form of “me against the rest” where fashion as flagship of “wearable difference” calms the psychotic desperation for its opposite : wanting to belong, be accepted, have the same power/wealth/success/possessions, “be the same” (h&m, zara, cos, etc – or zombie art , all we recognise is ourself and we dont even understand the depth of the void of universality abandoned by the illusion …

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Is this perhaps Duchamp’s unintended legacy to us ? steal it, rebrand it, revalue it, sell it – shock, but nothing shocking beyond its unethical, even unaesthetic reality… The saddest thing is that the return to the lacanian mirror stage of individuals well beyond their 18th month of life shows how sick the machinery of illusionary freedom of democracy and capital has/is transformed/ing us, we want to see ourself, our (false) difference, our (borrowed) identity in a museum display, and we want to be entertain by it, entertained by our own hysteria, and feel the “how much more cool i am than you” symptom produced by the dislocation of the capacity of art, as a generous space of private renouncement to an otherness, for a preferable, easier to produce & to digest symbiosis with the surface of discursive political bullshit in the realm of the public, all of it non-contingent as a little baby’s rational, but no longer purely naive as the kid under 18 months …… all for a relatively affordable entry ticket ! …………I will inform you about papua new guinea when I have more details , i think there are many people interested in joining the expedition already …’

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