‘I liked McQ as I like going to see a GFHandle mise en scène (the baroque exaggeration)….serving as a sort of fetish and fantasy that adds flavour…there was no ‘fuck you’ there, it was well done theatre with expensive entry tickets…. the coming in to the museum issue now, in other hand, applies to the infantilization of a society who’s illusions are ‘to have been invited to the theatre of expensive tickets then’ ….the acceptance of infantilization ( jeff koons is a good example) i believe is an hypocrite fuck you to society… a pseudo dissagreement within the permissible norms of consensus … a tantrum given towards something we dont like (per se: growing up and worrying about money, diminishing egocentrism or understanding responsibility in a world that has become more complex and messed up) but that we dont want to change, because we profit from the tantrum……

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In a way the ‘fuck you to society’ as you put it has been commodified (punk as cover of vogue), transposing the producers of that presupposed ‘dissensus’ into a realm of cynical propositions … what J Ranciere wrote about, that for an artist to make her/his art ‘political art’, the problem addressed in the work will need to maintain the problem in place forever so it can survive eternally as art (..pretending to supplant bad politicians with artists’ moralistic actions through the permissions and authoritarianism allowed in a field without rules also shows an infantile idea of responsibility towards the community and towards art itself) ..

So in effect we dont want things to change… because the proposition would no longer be relevant, neither as political propaganda nor as art. In my opinion the fall of art from a space of meta-qualities in to the space of politics and tautologies (including fashion as a mirror to what we are or think we are) accounts to that infantilisation in the fact that it eradicates the struggle, there is no longer dissent, feeding the propaganda of a post-ideological society to a bunch of easy to manipulate masses overwhelmed by the shiny surface of a baroque mise en scène… sorry i am so complicated in explaining my self i am definitely not a writer ! just giving you feedback as you asked ,)’