‘Very informative and interesting pill. First were the Indians; then the Europeans; and then the… Americans? It result very curious to me how the world keeps trying to see Latin America no for what it is or for what it wants to be, but for what they want it to be. Geometric abstract art can be subjected to many interpretations since it’s not representational, and as you point it out in your pill, that is why people like it. I feel that the desire of using that kind of art by Latino Americans to discover or emerge as something different, is being highly trivialized and reduced to mere incomprehension avoiding complexity in order to keep it under control. It seems that in the exhibitor’s mind, the objective is to maintain a state of bewilderment while keeping all methods of reflecting laziness alive, egoistically showing empathy. It’s like saying: “OK, I understand that you are an artist; now make me happy.”

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