‘It seems incredible to me that a show claiming to examine the work of 22 countries over a 50 year period (especially 1930 to 1980) could be anything but superficial at best. I think you are right on the money so to speak with the presentation of Latin America being presented as a fun holiday destination (if you are rich) with a bit of culture added on, as well as a “project” for de Cisneros and her curator. It does little to examine the much more compelling social issues and tumultuous history of this region as possible influences for the work and appears to outline a simplistic derivation of European modernism with a bit of salsa on top for that authentic spicy flavour.

Disappointing.It would have been more interesting for de Cisneros to explain her history with the works and why she has the collection. Then she and her curator could at least have a chance of speaking about what they know…’

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