The Bloomberg New Contemporaries is taking place at the ICA on the Pall Mall in London. For those who do not know it, the BNC is a annual selection of (allegedly) the best of the ‘emergent art practice from British Art Schools’. This year, the artists were selected by Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Enrico David, and Goshka Macuga and I must say that the way the show is curated is less repellent than last year. Having said this, it is so fucking boring.


The group of artists selected explore what we could call a post-modernist conceptualism. They stick to the canvas or the ‘in the round’ sculpture but reject conveying any narrative and, in the majority of them, find artistic value in the use of atypical materials.


So what is the concept? Well, that’s the problem because half of the show is an exploration of abstraction through the use of (supposedly) unconventional materials while the other half is composed by illustrations presented as art. There are a few videos but nothing stands out and that is probably the big difference with the disruptive horror show of last year’s selection.


When I got there, the curators were giving a chat to a group of art students. What I managed to hear was incredible for not even the curators (who have chosen those artists) could say more than three words about the pieces. Macuga said: ‘here, the artists, uses stockings’ while David stated: ‘these are building materials, unconventional in sculptures’. And that was basically it. To be perfectly honest, it is so boring that I cannot even carry on writing this. J A T