I worked with Marine Tanguy and can confirm that she is textbook sociopathic. I can also confirm what Gerry Farrell said, that I felt “completely lowered” by the experience of working with her.

Thank you for the original video, which disappointingly has gone offline, but please consider publishing a written version because you were absolutely right about Tanguy; she is all exaggeration and there’s no substance beneath the social media image that she has carefully-constructed for herself. She hired a room at the ICA for one of her pointless conferences and heavily implied all over social media that it was a collaboration with the ICA; that she had been invited by them. Another example (this one made me laugh) is that she is sometimes given clothes from a cousin who works for Comptoir des Cotonniers, but goes around telling everyone that C d C is her “clothing sponsor” as though it’s a corporate alliance. And let’s not forget Cambridge; she used to claim she was a Cambridge University History of Art graduate when in fact she never went to Cambridge at all. She’s a fantasist.


She is extremely manipulative and somehow continues to get journalists and bloggers to write articles about her – it’s absurd and I hope it stops very soon.

I am writing anonymously to protect myself (she has a history of attacking people who criticise her) but please publish my comment because I want to warn others to not make the mistake of associating with her bad name. Tanguy has no credibility, very little real experience in the art world and I guarantee is not interested in your art or career development; she merely uses people on her mad quest for fame.