This week, artist-activist Ai Wei Wei flew to Argentina invited by the Techint Group to exhibit in its flagship foundation PROA which is located in one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods in the city. I must confess to be surprised by the association between these two brands because the corporate sponsor is a company which origins are traced to the Nazis both in Europe and in Argentina.


This did not prevent Ai Wei Wei from taking and publishing numerous selfies in his Instagram account. Amongst those whom he appears there is Anibal Jozami who is currently on trial for his alleged participation in a money laundering scheme through outsourced services provided by the University he manages which might have been hugely overpriced when paid by the public sector.

To make things even worse, Techint took advantage of the diversion that Ai Wei Wei visit created to announce a reduction of personnel of more than 250 workers in an oil factory in the province of Chubut. As a result, the workers went on strike adducing that Techint had commit itself to maintain the level of investment in exchange for the license that just got for managing the business until 2047.

The question that this raises is, of course, that of the place of those artist that have transformed ethics into the exclusive source of artistic value which surprisingly receive the biggest chunk of the corporate sponsorship.